Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cute, Fun and Unique Wedding Shoes

Even though your gown usually hides your wedding shoes, it’s still fun to get creative and add some pizzazz to your wedding attire. We found some great ideas to use on your big day.

These super cute shoes are part of Hey Lady’s 2009 Spring/Summer shoe line. If you are looking for something blue or something new then these shoes might be perfect. Check out some similar styles on sale at Bravo Bride.

If you are not a fan of heels and/or maybe you’re a bit taller than your groom, try a pair of comfy flats so you don’t have to kick your shoes off by the time you get to the reception. And you can wear them again after your wedding. Here are a pair of white wedding flats for just $15.

These shoes, along with many other styles, are available at Payless Shoe Source. Payless has partnered with Lela Rose to design beautiful and affordable shoes for your wedding. What’s even better is they offer 64 different colors your shoes can be dyed to.
Wedding flip flops are a new and fun way of getting creative and being comfortable at your wedding. Whether you are having a summer, beach wedding or a formal, evening wedding you can’t go wrong with flips flops. What’s even better about flip flops is you can make them personal by buying an inexpensive pair and then getting beading and ribbon at a local craft store. Make a day of it with your bridesmaids and decorate them together. Best of all, we have a ton of them on sale at Bravo Bride.

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