Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wedding Red Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces, whilst being only a part of the boiler suit wedding decorations, ar a key element that will be right in front of your guests for quite a large part of the day. As such you want to spend a little bit of thought on getting them just right. So here’s what you need to know.

Most ready made centerpieces can be bought in various quantities. In this case it is easier to stick with identical centerpieces on each table, unless the supplier has a range of similar ideas. However, if you ar going to make your own centerpieces, it may be easier to make similar but not identical displays. Say for example, you ar going to use a collection of unlike sized and molded glass vases on each table, it will be preferable to have some variety between tables. You can then pick up the odd vase hither and there as you come crosswise them astatine a discount price.

Whatever items happen to be available in the colours you have chosen may lead to an obvious design choice but if non use online images as your inspiration. Spend an hour or so surfboarding through what other people have through before you, noting down what you like and what works well.
You should now be ready to get shopping, either for the centerpieces themselves or for the bits and pieces you will need to make them. Either way start early and have fun!

The first option when considering red as your centerpiece color is to go with a floral centerpiece. One obvious choice is of course the red rose. It is symbolic and perfect for a wedding day. A beautiful red centerpiece that is both elegant and inexpensive would be to get a lovely tall vase and put three red roses in it. There are special touches one could add such as a simple ribbon or a few red rose petals surrounding the vase. Another choice for those considering using red flowers is the tulip. The tulip is very popular because it can give a fun, modern twist. Tulips are very popular in weddings because they are so readily available and they do not have any thorns so you do not have to worry about pricking your finger when handling them.
For easy centerpieces one could purchase small red satin pillows and place them as centerpieces. By simply adding a small picture of the couple or a card with their names on it you really personalize this look. Another great option for those who are short on time include small red decorative boxes with some type of flowers or flower petals. This is a great choice because you can use real or silk flowers and you can incorporate other colors if you wish.
Pile up red cupcakes as your centerpiece, which will double as dessert. Guests can dig in at any point during the night instead of waiting hours before satisfying their sweet tooth. Regular-sized cupcakes or miniature ones will create a sweet centerpiece. Purchase a cupcake tree or stand to display them perfectly.

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