Monday, May 7, 2012

Autumn Wedding Centerpieces

Autumn centerpieces should follow the color of nature. Fall bursts forth with russet reds, pumpkin orange, burnished browns and the golds of harvest wheat. Learn how to include these colors in your reception centerpieces.

The autumn centerpiece below is made with a Rainbow Design Ring . The fun thing is that the foam is meant to be seen and be part of the color of the design!

These clear square vases are fun to make and so easy to do. OASIS® Floral Foams come in funky colors. You can get the colors in rings, cubes, bricks and powder. The two vases below are designed with Rainbow foam cubes. They come in Sunny yellow, pumpkin, cherry and other great designer colors.

Simple Wheat Centerpiece Keep neutral, autumn colors abundant with an understated centerpiece. Fill a skinny vase with tall stalks of wheat found at a crafts store or a farmer's market. Keep the stalks to a minimum for a light and airy feel.

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