Monday, February 20, 2012

Purple and White Wedding Dress

Purple has become one of the most popular colors for weddings recently. It is a very versatile color, and comes in a lovely wide range of shades. These are some ideas for the most romantic purple wedding bouquets.

Orchids are one of the ultimate symbols of bridal luxury, and they come in spectacular shades of purple. A long shower bouquet of vivid purple orchids would be absolutely fabulous for a formal wedding.
In the springtime, pale lavender and lilac sunglasses are wonderful and fresh. One lovely idea is to add some tiny blueish-purple flowers (also called grape hyacinth) to a mixed bouquet of lilac tulips, mini irises, and lilac spray roses.

It would be so pretty to have custom bridal jewelry created in a complementary range of purple tones to wear with a crisp white organza wedding gown. Another lovely option for a purple bouquet is one made up of roses and lisianthus. Both are blossoms which are available year round, which makes them easy to work with. A beautiful variation on this would be to substitute sweet peas in several shades of purple for the white peonies. If garden roses are too.

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