Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crystal Light Blue Wedding Shoes

When decorating for your reception you can choose tiffany blue china patterns and serving ware. This theme can even be extended in your food as it can be tinted with tiffany blue food coloring and you can even ask the caterers to serve foods that go with the blue theme such as blue cheese. For wedding and party gifts you can give your guests a copy of the famous novel reak fast at Tiffany?or you may choose to give a box of candies with the box of course being blue.

To make the tiffany wedding theme go even further you can order the Tiffany stationary on which you will print your invitations and have them hand delivered. This can also be used for your thank you cards as well. Using light blue printer paper for addition notes and maps can finish the invitation. When going with this theme for a wedding it is possible to go over board and it is important that you keep your use of blues under control.

For example when choosing your flowers it is nice to get some of them in the tiffany color scheme but you should combine this with other colors that keep the blue from being overpowering. Choosing an outdoor location for your wedding is also a good idea to keep the use of blue under control. The natural colors in the environment will complement the blues that you are using.

When choosing your cake you must think of the theme that you are using. For example you will want to choose a square layer cake that will resemble gift boxes.
Then to finish off the theme of the wedding the cake layers will be wrapped in the signature color. You can surround your wedding cake with beautiful blue flowers as well.

Blue is the central color of a Tiffany wedding, and it would be an elegant touch to have the bridesmaids dressed in blue. You can limit the favors and include some blue colors in your decorations, but if you overdo it, the color will overshadow the wedding and you don’t want this to happen.

More and more brides these days are choosing alternatives to the traditional white wedding shoes or ivory bridal shoes. Instead, they are going with more colorful shoes. Even the alternatives of silver and gold are being set aside for things like purple or green or blue wedding shoes. If you are a bride leaning towards a different color wedding shoe, below are a few tips to figure out how to choose the right color.

Tip #1: Think about your wedding colors and consider one of those options. Many brides are now having their wedding shoes match the bridesmaid dresses. This provides great contrast in wedding pictures since the shoes stand out a little bit and allow the bride to match their bridesmaids in a subtle, but fun way. When choosing which color, also look at the colors of the flower. A fun way to have a bright colored shoe is to match them to bouquet or bridesmaid bouquet flowers.

Tip #2: Consider using blue wedding shoes as your something blue. Just like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, blue wedding shoes are definitely a hot trend. Many brides use these blue wedding shoes as their something blue. If you are going to go with blue, consider a royal blue or a pale blue. Both colors are gorgeous and elegant, but also understated enough to go with the dress.

Tip #3: Look in regular shoe stores under evening shoes for your bright colored bridal shoes. If you want a non-traditional color, then it is almost easier to shop for since you are not confined to bridal stores. Some of the upscale designers have great colors as do many of the latest trendy shoe designers. The beauty of not going with white or ivory is that you have many more shoe stores to shop at.

Tip #4: If you cannot find the color you want, consider buying dye able bridal shoes. Dye able bridal shoes are actually really easy to work with. Many come in different styles and some even have rhinestones on the toes. If you do not know how to dye them, take them to a shoe store which will dye them for you. If you are doing this yourself, make sure you buy the right color and you see the color outside in natural light. Also, make sure you buy water repellent to control staining in case the shoes get wet or it rains that day. The worst thing is for the dye to start running and get all over your dress.

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