Friday, July 20, 2012

Wedding Color Combinations: Color Schemes Sweet Basics

Basic methods and how to find color combinations, the best mix for your wedding - the wedding color combinations The color is the first element it is necessary to determine when planning your wedding. Color, has contributed greatly to the atmosphere and theme of the entire event. You can select the color scheme of the wedding so it is very important.

If you are working with a wedding consultant, his / her advice on how to combine colors to create the appearance that matches the vision of the wedding of your dreams usually. What does it mean if your favorite color and go for all white, to join them in white: Many brides tend to hesitate to incorporate your own color, to stay on the safe side there. However, should not be regarded as a challenge to combine the colors for your wedding, you should be able to enjoy the confidence that your choice with it.

You need to learn the basics of all of the color scheme with a little knowledge of the designer, do not go to far in this game is not available. When I decided to color-coded as it goes, I normally use a color wheel. Color wheel below, you will deliver the idea of the color of your wedding. This is fairly easy, it begins by giving a feel of how to combine colors is easy. The basics of color combinations There are usually 3 types of wedding colors combinations to choose from:

The monotone – You stick with one main color only. This is a clean and elegant look, you can play with different hues of the color. Below is an example of how to combine different shades of pink. The pink theme is everywhere: bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, linens and centerpieces and the color could run from very light to darker shade of pink. Combination of two colors next to each other in the color wheel - analog, color.

For example, make red and orange, blue, green, purple, and red, the color combination is really good as it normally would be next. They are, your guests have been to feel comfortable and pleasing to the eye. You can combine two or three shades of color next to each other on the color wheel. Is a sample board, the color of the wedding color combinations of red and orange wedding of popular fall below normal.

Complementary color - its name is a "complementary", they do not overlap at all. This is the opposite color on the color wheel. Colors that are used together to create a prominent and contrast. Some combination of the sample is orange and blue-green, yellow, purple, red and etc. I as an example, you create a color board of eggplant purple, yellow, wedding.

Close to the color wheel, but to each other, in combination with the looks, a more "pleasing to the eye", the color is far far from each other, to create a combination that is more powerful contrast to the opposite impression.

Combination of colors and wedding theme It is common knowledge that it is one of the biggest factor to make the theme of the wedding colors, each color is used to have the power to affect the emotions, to create an atmosphere of your wedding you can. I came across the site, they are crystal color wheel of the dome, each color is for the thing it represents the feelings.

To find a combination of seasonal color for each of the color wheel you can: winter color purple, indigo, and blue. The color of spring, turquoise green, is olive. Summer yellow, gold, orange. Autumn color is (between violet and red) (a mixture of red and orange red), red, rock. When you are looking for a combination of the color of the wedding of the season, this is very useful color wheel.


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