Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blue Wedding Invitations Fresh and Glamour

There are many interesting ideas to create a unique wedding invitation design, sophisticated and extraordinary. Still includes the traditional categories, but more modern and creative. Usually the invitation cards can be printed specifically to design the customer wants. Printing companies to give full rights to the consumer to choose the designs they provide, or make your own design.

Blue wedding invitations for example, is the color that is suitable for semi-formal wedding. To be more unique invitations paper can wear blue with pink decoration pictures or up to a choice. You can also use pink wedding invitation with a decorative blue ribbon. Certainly very interesting if you add something other than normal. Small accessories such as photos or as a garnish. The more creative invitation design the more it will attract the attention of the invited guests.

Blue which can incorporate well with other colors is usually a popular color item for wedding ideas since such fresh tone of irresistible glamor can slightly cause a tug on at guests’ heartstrings and arouse their deep desire for attending this fabulous marriage reception happily with sincere prayers. Pure blue wedding invitation cards of unique pattern design and concise graphics will touch sincere emotion of all your esteemed guests and even allow them to enjoy a fantastic sea view.

Sunshine Yellow Wedding Shoes

Sunshine yellow bridal shoes have been featured on the cover of the top wedding magazines and has proven to be one of the seasons most stunning color choices for weddings! Happy SHOES day! Can you tell I'm excited? No? Really? Because I'm SUPER-DUPER excited about some really fantastic shoes. But first...

Pop quiz: what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the color yellow? Canaries? Bananas? The sun? When I think of yellow, I immediately think happy. Maybe I’m the eternal optimist, but I like to think that quite a few of us see the color yellow and get a smile on their faces. Yup. See? Right there. THAT smile. All because of a little old color. And the fantastic part? Yellow is back in a BIG way this wedding season!

Bright Shoes I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about the trending toward florescent, neon, and rainbow weddings this season. No? Then let me enlighten you. Bright colors are showing up all over the place, from bridesmaids to fascinators, cakes...you get the idea. So it got me thinking: why not shoes?

After it’s all said and done, you’re going to have to LOVE your shoes. I’m not saying you have to marry them, but you’ve got to at least like them enough to actually want pictures of them (not to mention pictures in them). Take a Risk If you’re looking longingly at these gorgeous shoes, and thinking something along the lines of: I cannot wear that my mother would kill me, then think about this: it’s your wedding day. Shouldn’t you get married in style? I think you should.

Don’t Be Afraid to Embellish As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I absolutely adore the little things. A flower, or funky eye-catching doodad on the toe, a cool strap, or even some ribbon trim are all great accents and help to add interest to your shoes. Why is this important? Think about the HUNDREDS of pictures that you’ll be in.... What a great way to add a fun accent and call a little more attention to yourself.

Yellow Wedding Cakes Design

Lemon Cake

Royal-icing latticework gives this grand cake a summery feel, but the year-round appeal of citrus fruit makes it right for any season. The lemons are actually tinted white chocolate, the blossoms gum paste, and the leaves are white fondant.

A five tier fondant beauty, all bright yellow with white fondant fantasy flowers. The enter cake is overs prayed with pearly dust for that sparkly flair.

Beautiful bright and cheerful yellow wedding cakes with circular textures!

Cake!! Can’t have a wedding or a happy day without cake, I went for vintage simple..what really made me pick this cake was the cake stand, I’m a sucker for an old school cake stand. I could start a collection of them if I didn’t feel that it would put me in the same category as a “the cat lady”

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cute, Fun and Unique Wedding Shoes

Even though your gown usually hides your wedding shoes, it’s still fun to get creative and add some pizzazz to your wedding attire. We found some great ideas to use on your big day.

These super cute shoes are part of Hey Lady’s 2009 Spring/Summer shoe line. If you are looking for something blue or something new then these shoes might be perfect. Check out some similar styles on sale at Bravo Bride.

If you are not a fan of heels and/or maybe you’re a bit taller than your groom, try a pair of comfy flats so you don’t have to kick your shoes off by the time you get to the reception. And you can wear them again after your wedding. Here are a pair of white wedding flats for just $15.

These shoes, along with many other styles, are available at Payless Shoe Source. Payless has partnered with Lela Rose to design beautiful and affordable shoes for your wedding. What’s even better is they offer 64 different colors your shoes can be dyed to.
Wedding flip flops are a new and fun way of getting creative and being comfortable at your wedding. Whether you are having a summer, beach wedding or a formal, evening wedding you can’t go wrong with flips flops. What’s even better about flip flops is you can make them personal by buying an inexpensive pair and then getting beading and ribbon at a local craft store. Make a day of it with your bridesmaids and decorate them together. Best of all, we have a ton of them on sale at Bravo Bride.

Royal Blue Wedding Shoes Cinderella Style

I know there are always brides looking for "Something Blue" wedding shoes and lately many have been searching for teal shoes to match their Peacock Wedding colors. So here's another one that I've found for under $23.00 and it's very bridal!
Royal blue suede upper. Ruched toe. Bow detail on vamp. Concealed platform. 4.7 “covered heel. Signature red sole. This royal blue bridal shoes by Christian Louboutin color is for the bride Who is Ready to Make a bold statement with her ??wedding shoes! A bright and vibrant royal blue is the perfect color for a bride Who is Ready to add a kick of ‘something blue’!

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear on the big day and your “Something Blue” item, why not knock out two birds with one stone and wear a gorgeous pair of blue heels? It’s something that’s become increasingly popular after those infamous blue satin Manolo Blahnik Something Blue heels stole the show in the first Sex and the City movie and because more and more brides are incorporating color into their look instead of sticking with all white.

The whisper soft shade of blue and beautiful detailing on the back of this shoe make it as tempting and delicious as wedding cake. Zappos has the RSVP Roma in blue, champagne or black for $84 with free shipping.
That’s all for my 7 blue bridal shoes under $100, but I also wanted to add this one to the list. It’s over $100, but too pretty to leave out.

I love the soft shade of light blue, but if you prefer a brighter shade, the Pour La Victory Stella also comes in royal blue satin and five other colors. I’m loving the light pink version too. Get these for $151 with free shipping at Zappos.
Congratulations to any bride-to-be out there and may your “Something Blue” item - whatever it may be - bring you plenty of luck!

Crystal Light Blue Wedding Shoes

When decorating for your reception you can choose tiffany blue china patterns and serving ware. This theme can even be extended in your food as it can be tinted with tiffany blue food coloring and you can even ask the caterers to serve foods that go with the blue theme such as blue cheese. For wedding and party gifts you can give your guests a copy of the famous novel reak fast at Tiffany?or you may choose to give a box of candies with the box of course being blue.

To make the tiffany wedding theme go even further you can order the Tiffany stationary on which you will print your invitations and have them hand delivered. This can also be used for your thank you cards as well. Using light blue printer paper for addition notes and maps can finish the invitation. When going with this theme for a wedding it is possible to go over board and it is important that you keep your use of blues under control.

For example when choosing your flowers it is nice to get some of them in the tiffany color scheme but you should combine this with other colors that keep the blue from being overpowering. Choosing an outdoor location for your wedding is also a good idea to keep the use of blue under control. The natural colors in the environment will complement the blues that you are using.

When choosing your cake you must think of the theme that you are using. For example you will want to choose a square layer cake that will resemble gift boxes.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Autumn Wedding Centerpieces

Autumn centerpieces should follow the color of nature. Fall bursts forth with russet reds, pumpkin orange, burnished browns and the golds of harvest wheat. Learn how to include these colors in your reception centerpieces.

The autumn centerpiece below is made with a Rainbow Design Ring . The fun thing is that the foam is meant to be seen and be part of the color of the design!

These clear square vases are fun to make and so easy to do. OASIS® Floral Foams come in funky colors. You can get the colors in rings, cubes, bricks and powder. The two vases below are designed with Rainbow foam cubes. They come in Sunny yellow, pumpkin, cherry and other great designer colors.

Simple Wheat Centerpiece Keep neutral, autumn colors abundant with an understated centerpiece. Fill a skinny vase with tall stalks of wheat found at a crafts store or a farmer's market. Keep the stalks to a minimum for a light and airy feel.

Spring Wedding Colours

Spring may be "wedding season," but that doesn't
mean your wedding can't be unique. Search photos
of spring wedding dresses, cakes, and flowers.
WEDDING COLORS: Color Combinations
Looking for that perfect color combination for your wedding or event? The possibilities are endless when it comes to beautiful color combinations, but perhaps one of these wedding color combinations will inspire you!

Two-color combinations for formal weddings and romantic weddings
Choosing the right wedding colors for your event is one of the most important steps.I hope these wedding color combinations will help in making your decision. Whether you pick a popular color combination, an unusual wedding theme or something in between, be sure you pick the theme and colors that are right for you.
Get inspired by real couples' springtime nuptials
* A ranch wedding features lush blossoms
* A Midsummer Night's Dream-inspired fete
* Color scheme: White and apple green
* A modern garden party with whimsical touches

What is the 1st thought that comes into your mind if you consider of spring? Possibly the grow of fresh flowers, the fragrance of greenery and a pop of a fresh, bright color! What are these kind of colors which come straight into your mind? Absolutely nothing modifications with spring; yet that you do not get sick and tired of the idea or the brightness and color who's provides with the idea yearly.

That is why a lot of couples decide on to possess a romantic spring wedding and wait around for this to last but not least tie up the knot. In addition to all the spring wedding ideas that you simply may be turning over, also keep in mind which a spring wedding ought to look such as one, which explains why you may need to recognize what the spring wedding colors 2012 are. As mentioned previous, practically nothing alterations each spring, however each year, various colors are introduced to the fore and are produced popular, a lot more than other folks in this fantastic time. This is a look directly into the colors that are most popular this year.

Through spring, it can be the soft colors have a tendency to find their location amongst the beauty of nature. Therefore, pale shades are constantly in beat with the spring colors. Although what the conventional considered process can be, we will clear a couple of things. Spring it isn't just soft, it is usually vibrant. As such, although choosing any kind of spring wedding colors or themes, always remember to add which crop up of a next bright color. Whether it is in the bridesmaids' dresses, your shoes, the cake, the spring wedding flowers as well as the announcements, these kind of colors will see his or her place anyplace. The following are a handful of very popular 2012 spring wedding colors and themes.
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